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Tuesday Morning Pulse — November 30, 2010

It’s either ironic or tragic — I’m not sure which, frankly — that the same week the U.S. dispatches troops and warships to the coast of South Korea to protect that country from further aggression from its trigger-happy, nuclear-obsessed neighbor to the north, South Korean-based auto manufacturer Hyundai announces plans to open a new manufacturing […]

Monday Morning Pulse — November 29, 2010

After a long weekend, there’s much to report in the world of manufacturing: Boeing is offering to partner with Brazil’s Embraer on a new fighter jet, in hopes of strengthening its bid for a multi-billion dollar Brazilian defense contract. In other Boeing news, the aerospace manufacturer must be sighing a big sigh of relief (at […]

Wednesday Morning Pulse — November 24, 2010

As we prepare ourselves for a couple days off and head into the holiday season, let’s keep this in mind; why is it that the media continues to obsess about retail but continues to under-report the importance of manufacturing?  And it’s not just the media’s fault.  We’re equally obsessive about retail.  That’s why a handful […]