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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing

December 15, 2010 It’s just a week or so before Christmas and two weeks to the New Year, but things are still cooking in the increasingly active world of U.S. manufacturing.  Here’s my take on some of what’s going on. During difficult economic times, as any manufacturing company begins tightening its belt, some of the first things to come under […]

Does the Smartest Kid in Class Finally Get It?

 Here’s the biggest difference between having a C student as President of the United States, and having a kid who earned a few Honor Rolls along the way:  the former “stays the course,” regardless of what the signposts are indicating, while the latter constantly monitors and adjusts to the reality he finds unfolding before him. […]

Tuesday Morning Pulse — December 7, 2010

A busy morning in the world of manufacturing: Last week I railed at the fact that seven of the ten largest manufacturers of silicon solar panels in the world were Chinese, and none were U.S. based.  Today, New Jersey-based Natcore Technologies announced a series of three partnerships to build such chips in a number of […]