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Monday Morning Pulse — December 6, 2010

Late last week, Chicago Cub legend Ron Santo died of cancer at his home in Arizona.  To anyone who ever watched him play, as I did as a kid, he was the embodiment of passion for the game.  No one wanted to win any more or bled Cub blue to any greater degree, game after game, year after […]

Thursday Morning Pulse — December 2, 2010

I’ve always contended that not only are so many of this country’s problems rooted in how we’re educating our children, but so many of our solutions are found there as well. To that end, I was delighted to read about an innovative program in California that is attempting to battle unemployment by teaching unemployed workers […]

Wednesday Morning Pulse — December 1, 2010

Bloomberg and others are reporting that Asian stocks rose this morning on the basis of November spikes in both Chinese manufacturing and U.S. consumer confidence.  That’s great news.  But what will really draw headlines is when the opposite is true and we see dramatic spikes in U.S. manufacturing and Chinese consumer confidence. Here’s what’s going […]