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A Failure to Communicate

Two weeks ago, I posted a link to a news story about a high school-level program designed to teach kids hands-on precision machining skills.  The program, which is being run out of Mahoning County, Ohio, can accommodate a total of 50 students. To date, Mahoning County officials say they have seven applicants.  Seven! I don’t […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (2/11/2011)

Here’s just a sample of what’s percolating this week in our booming little corner of the economy: Meet the New Boss.  Same as the Old Boss Think China is the #1 manufacturer in the world?  Think again.  As shocking as it may sound to some, the U.S. continues to out-manufacture every other country on the […]

The Best Regulations Serve Two Masters

As a small businessman and manufacturer, I am not opposed to regulation.  What I’m opposed to is regulation that exists for no other reason than to limit the damage of a handful of potential bad actors, while tying the hands of the vast majority of good ones. Similarly, what I endorse are regulations that effectively […]