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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufactuing (5/20/2011)

To this day do you know which auto manufacturer spends more money than any other in lobbying the Congress of the United States to fight against the adoption of even higher fuel efficiency standards in this country? GM? Nope. Ford? Guess again. Chrysler? Hardly. It’s Toyota. That’s right.  Toyota. As a strategic, aggressive and very […]

In Need of a Good Plan B

As I was reading a press release this week on the critical shortage of shipping containers and cargo space in the world, and the implications that shortage holds for manufacturers across the globe, I immediately thought of the Internet. The brilliance of the Internet is its redundancy. When first conceived by the U.S. Department of […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufactuing (5/13/2011)

If there’s one thing I learned this week, it’s how passionate many people are about the issue of China as a manufacturing superpower. Recently, an edited version of one of my Belden Blog posts in which I detailed some of the reasons I believe China’s position in the global marketplace is vulnerable appeared on the […]