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On Joe Frazier, China and Where Greatness Lies

This week we learned that China’s manufacturing index dropped to its lowest point in three years.  This came just a few days after learned that this past month China ‘s imports had spiked dramatically, while its rate of exports continued to dwindle. Before you start clapping and cheering for those full-of-themselves, new-age Chinese capitalists finally […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (11/4/2011)

ABB Robotics recently drew nearly 1,000 interested onlookers to an open house at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.   Said Joe Campbell, VP of ABB’s robots and applications group:  “The energy and enthusiasm here confirms the continued market growth in manufacturing automation. robots, motion controls, safety and related peripheral equipment will be the major building blocks […]

One Bite at a Time

They say people use the Internet not so much to get news and learn things, but to find evidence that supports what they already believe.  I’m not so sure this is a case of that, though I suppose as someone who truly believes in the future of the American manufacturing sector as much as I […]