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Five Good Reasons for Optimism in 2012

I know everyone is in full-scale holiday mode right now, so let me cut to the chase. Consider these five reasons to put your faith into 2012 being be one of the best years this country has seen economically in years. U.S. Manufacturing There has been, over the past 12 months in this country, an […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (12/16/2011)

Here’s a variation on a theme. A small Indiana-based manufacturer, rather than moving its production facilities to China, acquired a couple of manufacturing plants, one of which is already operating behind the Great Wall. There are a lot of small-government advocates out there.  But even the most zealous of them might find a kernel of hope in this one.  This week […]

China’s Dangerous Obsession with Price

The Bible has its parables.  Aesop had his fables.  And I have my business stories.  The following the tale of one centuries-old and highly traditional American product.  And from it you can learn so much about what’s currently wrong with China, and how one misstep by the world’s newest manufacturing superpower can have a ripple […]