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Burying the Lead

In the newspaper world, when a reporter writes a news story and that opens with a fact or trend that is far less news-worthy than a fact or trend revealed later in the story, that reporter is said to have “buried the lead.” This week, a Georgetown economics professor named J. Bradford Jensen wrote an […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (2/24/2012)

Yes, it’s still mid-winter.  Yes, the now-off colored white stuff is still hanging in there tenaciously (and, in fact, as I write this if you’re in the Midwest like me you’re being pelted even today by inch after inch of wet, thick heavy, slushy snow).  And yes, each morning I’m still just as likely to turn on the […]

China in Trouble, Both High and Low

I don’t know about you, but I can help but find myself these days occasionally tripping over the irony that currently litters the manufacturing landscape in China.  Not only have those at the very bottom of China’s economic food chain – the millions of hourly workers in its many low-salary, high-stress, high-volume sweat shops – […]