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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (4/27/2012)

Commerce Secretary John Bryson was in Upstate New York this week promoting both the U.S. economic recovery and, in particular, the future of manufacturing. Campaign season is clearly upon us.  In the Huffington Post one Democratic congressional candidate touches three of the hottest of hot buttons in a rhetoric-rich, promise-filled post:  boosting manufacturing, creating jobs […]

An Unforgiving Lesson for our Economy

It is without question the single most powerful and unflinching drama in the history of American theater.  It has had as much social impact and resonates as much as anything that ever flowed from the pen of Shakespeare.  Each incarnation of it over the past 60 years has continued to shed yet another new set […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (4/20/2012)

In the Huffington Post, blogger Dave Johnson does a nice job of framing the manufacturing policy debate. MarketWatch talks about China’s lofty plans for the investing in and the extracting of South American raw materials. Tiny Galesburg, IL, right here in the middle of the American heartland, is hoping to score big in the enormous potential […]