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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (8/10/2012)

McKinsey & Company studied the evolving Mexican consumer recently and shared some of its more interesting findings in this week’s McKinsey Quarterly. Here’s what on the surface might look like a largely inconsequential story in Fashionista magazine on the Colombian textile and fashion industries.  But when you read it, it reveals much of the dynamics […]

Tell the Kids: Want a Blue Collar Job? Get an Education.

The BBC this week ran a terrific story on the radically changing face (and sound) of industrial America.  It pointed out a hard and cold fact that we’ve been trumpeting in this space for nearly two years: no manufacturers really need unskilled or even marginally skilled factory workers anymore. Oh sure, there will always be […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (8/3/2012)

Seeking Alpha says a relatively week U.S. deal is opening up some manufacturing possibilities for us abroad. Here are one Washington insider’s four steps for remedying this country’s growing innovation deficit. The Labor Department reports that for all the growth that continues to take place in manufacturing, the sector continues to see some layoffs. Here’s a story […]