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Five Questions with Ray Prendergast

I recently swapped emails with Ray Prendergast, head of manufacturing technology at Richard J. Daley College (one of Chicago’s City Colleges); a relatively new department which has at its core a deep and mutually beneficial relationship with a few manufacturers here in town.  Intrigued when I heard about the program, I asked Mr. Prendergast if he wouldn’t […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (10/19/2012)

Scott Paul, who heads up the Alliance for American Manufacturing, uses the Huffington Post as a platform to decode the second presidential debate on the related issues of China and U.S. manufacturing.  Meanwhile, Industry Market Trends offers its take on the debate as well.  Speaking of IMT, the magazine also offers this little insider’s tip […]

Manufacturing and Presidential Politics: Three Thoughts

As I was watching the vice presidential election debate last night, something occurred to me about American manufacturing, if not organizations everywhere (or social, professional or private enterprises, including companies).  Just last week during the first presidential debate, President Obama acted like so many front-runners and so many countless industry leaders, seemingly more concerned about […]