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On Jobs, Innovation and the Treadmill Desk

This month, in an issue of smartest, most thought-provoking and consistently under-read magazine on the planet, the New Yorker, essayist Susan Orlean wrote a wonderful little (at least by New Yorker standards) piece on something she claimed has forever changed her life; her treadmill desk. Orlean (who, by the way, once wrote a page-turner of a story on […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/17/2013)

The Hill reports that a political storm is brewing, at the center of which are protectionist tariffs and Chinese-made plywood, along with a quagmire of unintended consequences which could put a long-awaited and much-anticipated U.S. housing boom at risk. After carrying this nation’s economic water for four slow years’ worth of recovery, says that […]

A Big Fracking Mess

As someone who has long understood and appreciated the enormous potential of fracking, and not just in terms of what it means to American jobs but our competitiveness in the global arena, I stand front and center among those who feel that process’ upside is far too great to ignore.  So while I may not […]