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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (8/30/2013)

China manufacturing showed a big turnaround last month, something that could mean better days ahead for that nation’s economy — and by extension the global marketplace, not to mention American manufacturers big and small. And given that China is the world’s largest buyer of raw materials, that news sent mining stock prices soaring. Count me […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (8/16/2013

In one of those transparent op-ed pieces that often only seem to find a home in smaller papers around the country, the head of the Illinois Manufacturers Association this week called for an increase in this country’s commitment to fracking so that our manufacturers might grow through a secure energy supply and an even greater sense of financial […]

The Father of Fracking Leaves Us a Process and a Warning

Texas billionaire George Mitchell died this past week.  The second generation Greek immigrant and former wildcatter and oil speculator had become the “Father of Fracking” by inventing the process by which we today inject millions of gallons of water and chemicals into shale thousands of feet beneath the surface and unearth massive quantities of cheap oil […]