About Perry

Some people come to manufacturing by accident; others by design.  Perry Sainati apparently has it in his DNA.
Perry-BW-e1288560677420-300x216The son of a life-long tinkerer and entrepreneur, Perry grew up in a machine shop, often spending Saturdays at his father’s side, watching, learning and, in time, cutting metal on various manual machine tools.  In the process, he came to appreciate certain things a lot of kids his age didn’t embrace until much later in life, if at all; things like quality, craftsmanship and a steady hand.

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1974 with a degree in Finance, Perry went to work in the family business, eventually rising to become president of the company, which by then was building automated custom machine tools for second tier automotive companies.

But from his earliest days as a businessman, Perry Sainati was never about merely sustaining or maintaining.  He was about building.  And growing.

So in 1997, recognizing the enormous potential of the specialty couplings his father’s company was manufacturing for the machine tools they built, he drew upon his entrepreneurial roots and his uncanny instinct for new opportunities and spun off Belden’s precision coupling division.  The result was an all-new, independent enterprise, Belden Incorporated.

Since that time, Perry has completely re-imagined the division, transforming it from a small unit that made universal joints and drive shafts for the automotive industry into a corporate enterprise that now produces hundreds of highly specific, one-of-a-kind couplings for dozens of industries, ranging from aerospace and medical technology to food processing, energy and auto racing.

As a result, Perry now stands as a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs everywhere.  And the company he created, Belden Inc., remains a privately held, robust and steadily evolving manufacturing company whose worldwide reputation for quality craftsmanship, service and innovation continues to grow, both here and abroad.

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