One Belt Shaking Off Its Rust

This week we learned what people in my part of the country have sensed for quite some time: that things are continuing to get better around here.  It was not that long ago that America’s Factory Belt – that stretch of Northeast blue-collar towns along the Great Lakes from Massachusetts to Wisconsin, an area many […]

Why China is Vulnerable (Part 4 of 4)

Part four of a four-part series on why China’s role as a dominant force in the world of manufacturing may not be as long-lived or secure as many believe. Part One — Reasons #1-2 Part Two — Reasons #3-4 Part Three — Reasons #5-6 Reason #7:  Inflation As China continues to industrialize, banks in the […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (2/11/2011)

Here’s just a sample of what’s percolating this week in our booming little corner of the economy: Meet the New Boss.  Same as the Old Boss Think China is the #1 manufacturer in the world?  Think again.  As shocking as it may sound to some, the U.S. continues to out-manufacture every other country on the […]