Thank You, Mr. President

There may be no American presidency in my lifetime more polarizing than that of the Oval Office’s current resident, Donald J. Trump. Similarly, no sitting president has ever demanded so much of his people, or challenged or demeaned their most hallowed institutions, to the extent he has. That’s why, like it or not, even for […]

One Belt Shaking Off Its Rust

This week we learned what people in my part of the country have sensed for quite some time: that things are continuing to get better around here.  It was not that long ago that America’s Factory Belt – that stretch of Northeast blue-collar towns along the Great Lakes from Massachusetts to Wisconsin, an area many […]

Why China is Vulnerable (Part 4 of 4)

Part four of a four-part series on why China’s role as a dominant force in the world of manufacturing may not be as long-lived or secure as many believe. Part One — Reasons #1-2 Part Two — Reasons #3-4 Part Three — Reasons #5-6 Reason #7:  Inflation As China continues to industrialize, banks in the […]