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On Taking on Giants

By know I’m sure you’ve heard of Malcolm Gladwell, the pioneering journalist whose unlikely best sellers, Blink, The Tipping Point and Outliers, have turned so much conventional thinking on its ear and defied us to take a second look at accepted wisdom and countless things we take for granted. Well, Gladwell’s at it again, having just […]

The Father of Fracking Leaves Us a Process and a Warning

Texas billionaire George Mitchell died this past week.  The second generation Greek immigrant and former wildcatter and oil speculator had become the “Father of Fracking” by inventing the process by which we today inject millions of gallons of water and chemicals into shale thousands of feet beneath the surface and unearth massive quantities of cheap oil […]

Rosie’s Time Has Come…Again

A friend of mine who considers himself a “recovering” member of a certain religion contends the vast majority of his church’s current troubles might have been alleviated, if not eliminated altogether, had its leaders done one thing differently over the past millennium.  “All the church leaders needed to do,” my friend contends, “was to make […]