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A War Waged Abroad, a Victory Earned at Home

People who say they’re tired of the phrase “the greatest generation” clearly don’t fully comprehend it. And that became clear to me late this past year when a visit to the World War II Museum in New Orleans – a monument to that global conflict waged by that selfsame generation – opened my eyes like few experiences […]

U.S. Industry Needs Solutions, Not Small-Minded Thinking

In all candor, at least on matters of social conscience, I’ve always leaned just a tad to the left. And count me among those who often find themselves wishing our president had been a little less middle-of-the-road and a bit more strident in breathing life into many of the issues he had campaigned for these past […]

When it Comes to Infrastructure, China Dreams Big

A while back I wrote about the extent to which China trailed us, not so much in manufacturing output, but in the institutional knowledge a country accumulates after a century’s worth of heavy industry. For all its potential and exponential growth, China, for example, had yet to learn the importance of clean water and air. […]