Does the Smartest Kid in Class Finally Get It?

 Here’s the biggest difference between having a C student as President of the United States, and having a kid who earned a few Honor Rolls along the way:  the former “stays the course,” regardless of what the signposts are indicating, while the latter constantly monitors and adjusts to the reality he finds unfolding before him.

Let me say for one, I am becoming more and more impressed by the day with how Barrack Obama is evolving both as a president and a free-market economist.  And what he is doing right now — namely, staunchly defending his unexpected reversal on a number of tax cuts against some suddenly vicious attacks from members of his own party — is Beltway theater at its finest.

What’s more, it is an act of political courage, the likes of which this country has not seen in the Oval Office since, arguably, Kennedy stared down Khrushchev.

Even if you’ve consumed more than your share of talk radio Kool Aid and consider Barrack Obama some sort of socialist in sheep’s clothing, you have to give the man credit for two things;  standing on principal and admitting he was wrong — even though doing so might ultimately cost him his job. 

Because make no mistake, our President is not making a lot of friends in Washington these days.

Think about it.  On one side he has the ideological right, which these days seems to be motivated by one thing, and one thing only: making sure he becomes a one-term president. 

Then on the other hand, he has his former Democratic cronies who, almost overnight, have started treating him — their very own president — like he was the lone carnivore at an all-vegan wedding.

Look, I’m not here to espouse any one political viewpoint over the other.  I am, however, as a small businessman, who would love the latitude some additional tax relief would afford me, so that I could grow my business by investing a greater percentage of my annual revenue back into it.

Barrack Obama apparently gets that.  Finally.  And what’s more, he’s now showing a willingness to do something about it.  Because my sense is he’s finally coming to realize that whatever hope this economy has for a turnaround lies in job-creating potential of small to mid-sized manufacturing companies like Belden Universal.

In fact, what he’s doing on behalf of people like myself — literally throwing himself on his sword politically, so that money might start circulating again and small businesses like mine might once again start innovating, capital investing, growing and hiring — is nothing short of heroic. 

Sure, we’ve got other issues in this country, and this economy is still a long way from fixed.  But if this week is any indication, the guy in the driver’s seat has finally realized he’s been traveling all this time with his roadmap upside down. 

Who knows, maybe now he’ll get us back on the road to where we need to go.

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