From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (2/23/2012)

In this video report Voice of America says robotics are helping U.S. manufacturers compete with China.

A blogger in the eCommerce Times says much the same thing, and finds robots are revitalizing manufacturing in this country.

Speaking of video, check out this one below in which a Ford exec talks about how and why is company is moving some significant manufacturing (and jobs) back to the U.S.

As only they can, the far right has somehow taken President Obama’s recent and reasoned call for some level of sanity with respect to assault weapons with — and I’m using their words here — a “hatred of manufacturing.”  Check this twisted bit of logic out, compliments of the knee-jerk ideologues and conspiracy theorists at the National Review.

An MIT report has detailed what it calls the keys to American innovation.

Billionaire entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens, who for years has said the key to U.S. economic growth is to wean itself off its dependency on foreign oil, recently had an opportunity to crow on CNBC about how the low price of natural gas has kicked started the nation’s economy.

Speaking of natural gas, the American Trucking Association’s chief economist says more and more of his members are starting to explore the fuel as an over-the-road alternative to diesel.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia says new orders in manufacturing have weakened somewhat in February.  The New York Times, however, says that the slowdown may be short-lived.  And the Financial Times says that, when it comes to the U.S. economy, the current data are painting a cloudy picture.

Huffington Post editor Sarah A. Webster says the U.S. is getting serious about manufacturing — again.

Here’s another way to analyze the shifting world economy.  The International Business Times says one of the leading reasons may be returning to the U.S. from Asia is, if you can believe it, demographics.

Ro Khanna, former deputy assistant secretary of commerce, offers “Five Myths of Manufacturing Jobs.”

A Bloomberg op-ed piece offers some thoughts on the Obama State-of-the-Union address.  Meanwhile, Apple and Intel got some props from the president.  And a day after his big speech, the chief executive traveled to a Siemans factory in North Carolina and went on the offensive, promising a rebirth in U.S. manufacturing.

And finally, in conjunction to the president’s trip to his plant, Helmuth Ludwig of Siemens offers a few thoughts on why his company is expanding its U.S. manufacturing operations.









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