From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (6/22/2012)

The L.A. Times says that small and mid-size suppliers are in a position to benefit from the current manufacturing boom.

Columnist Wyatt Emmerich ruminates on what the rise of China has meant to his generation of Americans.

MarketWatch says the U.S. economy has clearly slowed.

David Brousell of Manufacturing Executive reiterates the awful truth about the American workforce.

ZDNet says that China is leading the world in the manufacturing of clean energy technology.

A blog on the Financial Times raises an interesting take on the world labor shortage, offering the surprising revelation that, of all countries, China is facing a severe crisis in its pursuit of capable factory workers.

China Daily calls on its own government for more favorable, enlightened and proactive taxation and fiscal policies.

Apparently the demand for flat panel manufacturing is outstripping supply.  As a result, China just committed spending some $4.5 billion with Taiwan-based flat panel suppliers. 

Here’s an interactive state-by-state map review of manufacturing jobs since 1971. tells us that U.S. builder confidence has ticked up to what amounts to a five-year high.

One blogger says, reshoring aside, there are many factors that influence where and when a company will build a manufacturing plant.

With Africa as its primary target, China is rapidly moving from being the world’s leading manufacturer to being the world’s largest investor and consumer.

Meanwhile, manufacturing in China continues to contract.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council announced this week a “Critical Issues” agenda for the industry.

Stephanie Neil ruminates about the nature of innovation over her morning cup of coffee.

A Massachusetts inventor has developed an adult tricycle in an attempt to promote American manufacturing.

The Desert Sun refers to the reshoring of American jobs as a “trickle.”

Tulsa World reports that manufacturers in that Oklahoma city are benefiting from their location.  The paper also features one local manufacturer making plenty of hay in the aerospace and energy sectors.

From the News of the Wierd Dept: a manufacturer in Athens, GA reported a break-in and heist to police this week.  The target of the thieves?  400,000 tooth picks

And finally, I was reading a press release this week about a new manufacturing facility a particular company is building.  I have to tell you, it’s not a great release.  I read it twice and still was not able to determine where the new plant is going to be located.  I have to admit, however, I was more than intrigued by what was going to be made in the new plant.  A manufacturer called PrimeVapor is apparently in the business of making one product and one product only: smokeless, electronic cigarettes in any number of flavors.  Go figure.



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