From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (7/13/2012) re-posted an AP story detailing just how badly things are slowing down in China.

PepsiCo is apparently looking to tap into the rapidly expanding Chinese middle class with the announcement of a new LEED-certified production facility.

That beacon for left-leaning thinkers everywhere, Mother Jones, details how, even as Mitt Romney the candidate decries the continued outsourcing of American jobs, Mitt Romney the businessman supported that very thing as private equity firm he founded, Bain Capital, made it a regular practice to invest heavily in companies which made outsourcing part of their standard practice.

On the same token, a blogger in the Huffington Report says that on President Obama’s Jobs Council there are a number of companies represented that have engaged in outsourcing.

Even though they got the uniforms donated as part of a sponsorship, many members of Congress are fuming over the U.S. Olympic Committee’s decision to dress this year’s U.S. Olympic teams in uniforms made in China.

Add Starbucks to the growing list of American companies willing to buck the trend and open a manufacturing facility in this country, as the coffee house giant will do with a brand new plant in Georgia set to come online in 2014.

I’ve written chapter and verse about the solar panel wars between China and the U.S.  Here’s another sign that China’s dumping of millions of below cost solar panels into the U.S. market to try to corner it is, indeed, working.  General Electric this week announced it was halting construction on a proposed solar panel factory in Colorado.

As as been reported pretty much everywhere this week, U.S. manufacturing’s growth is slowing considerably.

Here’s another great story on the amazing promise of 3D printing

Congressman David Cicilline (below), a Democrat from Rhode Island, was among the speakers at a Brooking Institution half-day seminar this week.  Lot of obvious stuff here, but it points out that the needle of public perception is starting to move when it comes to the importance of manufacturing.  By the way, the annual seminar, which is entitled the John H. White Jr. Forum on Public Policy and is set up specifically to study the state of manufacturing in this country, was endowed by its namesake, who owns and operates a third generation hydronics manufacturing company with plants in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  I’ll include more video clips from this year’s seminar in the weeks ahead.

The Association for Manfuacturing Technology says that orders for machine tools and related equipment rose in May by over 14%.

Blogger Clyde Prestowitz ponders, Is Google serious about U.S. manufacturing?

 USA Today details how the “Helicopter King of China” is slowly building an aircraft manufacturing empire.

And finally, a little bit of good news.  The New York Times reports that, despite what has been a clear slowing down of the economy and some troubling numbers of late, many economists feel that things will pick up and that the final six months of 2012 will see twice the growth of the first six months.

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