More Proof America Taking Dead Aim on Exports

I have been making a lot of hay in my little corner of the blogosphere lately about the emergence of exports as an economic mantra for this country. 

And now the Boston Consulting Group, a globally respected consulting firm in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, has given weight to the words of anyone, such as me, who holds that a steady increase in U.S. exports will directly lead to corresponding increases in both U.S. jobs and the overall U.S. standard of living.

This past week, BCG released a fascinating white paper based on an exhaustive research project which explored in detail the re-shoring of a number of manufacturing functions from China back to the U.S. – as well as, yes, the subsequent increase anticipated in American exports. 

Among the paper’s more fascinating findings:

  • Given a number of changes in China, as soon as 2015 it may be more financially advantageous for U.S. firms to manufacture goods here than to manufacture them there
  • Seven domestic  industry groups, representing over $200 billion in goods imported from China, are the most likely to re-shore at least a portion of their production functions to this country
  • Somewhere between 10-30% of the goods now imported from China may soon be made in the U.S.
  • An increase in U.S. exports, coupled with the move of a significant portion of the manufacturing capabilities of those seven industry groups from China to this country, may indirectly result in an increase of anywhere from 2 to 3 million U.S. jobs, as well as a reduction of somewhere between 1.5 and 2 points in the national unemployment rate
  • The U.S. trade deficit of non-oil related goods may be reduced by this anticipated increase in exports by up to 30%

And on top of all this, the paper declares, given the sweeping nature of global market dynamics, it is entirely possible these estimates are, in BCG’s words, “conservative.”

Like I keep saying; if this country keeps focusing on exports everything else will fall into place. 

And now apparently, I’ve got the papers to prove it.

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  1. Manmohan 23 April 2012 at 4:02 am #

    Good to read that a lot of US companies are re shoring, which will improve the US exports contributing towards the economy. Read an informative whitepaper on Manufacturing and exporting ‘Success within reach A guide to exporting ‘ , with related information you may find useful @

    • Perry Sainati 23 April 2012 at 4:44 am #

      Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to check it out, and I hope you’ll keep reading and commenting when the mood strikes.

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