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Five Questions with James A. Cooke

I recently read and cited a fascinating piece in Supply Chain Quarterly about how seismic shifts in technology will fundamentally reinvent not only the makeup of America’s supply chain, but its geography. It opened my mind to a completely new way of envisioning domestic manufacturing and it got me thinking about a whole new set […]

Geography and the American Supply Chain

My wife, who spends her days as a successful commercial real estate broker, turned me onto this one.  It’s a terrific op-ed piece by a guy named James A. Cooke, the editor of Supply Chain Quarterly, in which he details how technology may just fundamentally change the geographic makeup of this country’s – if not […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/4/2012)

For those of you who happened to miss it, I urge you to read by my post this week on what The Economist is calling the Third Industrial Revolution, as well as their piece on the phenomenon driving the train:  digital manufacturing and its oh-so-sexy kissin’ cousin, 3D printing. Bloomburg says this week’s ISM report on […]