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From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (9/13/2013)

Business Week offers this contrarian view of the American manufacturing renaissance, while citing examples of how offshoring remains a strong and viable option for many companies. Sales of flowmeters is booming in the U.S. industrial marketplace. Manufacturing Day, an annual event designed to spread awareness of manufacturing opportunities in this country, is hitching its wagon to Penske […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (11/17/2012)

Manufacturing.net says China’s stunning growth, especially in the manufacturing sector, may be over but its economy continues to recover — which is good news for U.S. manufacturers like me. Kelly Heinrich, president of the Global Freedom Center, says that someone  is paying a dear price for all those cheap, Chinese-made blouses, blenders and toys. From the intellectual […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (10/19/2012)

Scott Paul, who heads up the Alliance for American Manufacturing, uses the Huffington Post as a platform to decode the second presidential debate on the related issues of China and U.S. manufacturing.  Meanwhile, Industry Market Trends offers its take on the debate as well.  Speaking of IMT, the magazine also offers this little insider’s tip […]