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On Joe Frazier, China and Where Greatness Lies

This week we learned that China’s manufacturing index dropped to its lowest point in three years.  This came just a few days after learned that this past month China ‘s imports had spiked dramatically, while its rate of exports continued to dwindle. Before you start clapping and cheering for those full-of-themselves, new-age Chinese capitalists finally […]

Why China is Vulnerable (Part 4 of 4)

Part four of a four-part series on why China’s role as a dominant force in the world of manufacturing may not be as long-lived or secure as many believe. Part One — Reasons #1-2 Part Two — Reasons #3-4 Part Three — Reasons #5-6 Reason #7:  Inflation As China continues to industrialize, banks in the […]

On Oral Hygiene, Quality and the Wisdom of the Marketplace

I believe in life you can find truth in the smallest moments or the unlikeliest of places.  Like a truth I stumbled upon last night. Right up front, you must know I have an addiction.  I am hopelessly addicted to a tiny, seemingly insignificant little product called Stim-U-Dents.  A Stim-U-Dent is a sort of toothpick […]