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A Big Fracking Mess

As someone who has long understood and appreciated the enormous potential of fracking, and not just in terms of what it means to American jobs but our competitiveness in the global arena, I stand front and center among those who feel that process’ upside is far too great to ignore.  So while I may not […]

Leave Politics Out of Fracking

There has been, perhaps, no recent development that looms any larger for the future of American manufacturing than the advent of fracking.  But all that cheap natural gas and oil will not come without a few hidden and potentially significant costs.  And yet it is through those hidden costs that our economy might ultimately end […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/4/2012)

For those of you who happened to miss it, I urge you to read by my post this week on what The Economist is calling the Third Industrial Revolution, as well as their piece on the phenomenon driving the train:  digital manufacturing and its oh-so-sexy kissin’ cousin, 3D printing. Bloomburg says this week’s ISM report on […]