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Wall Street Can Take a Lesson from Manufacturing

As I was working at my desk this morning, I picked up an old New York Times op-ed piece I had stuck in my never-ending pile of not-so-urgent items.  The piece, from March of this year, was an unabashed, almost gut-wrenching mea culpa from an investment banker named Greg Smith, and appeared just days after […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/11/2012)

Using the Revere Copper Products plant in Rome, New York as an example, the New York Times tackles the complex issue of U.S. manufacturing subsidies. MSNBC says the economic recovery, combined with the lingering high price of gas have two auto makers hoping the demand for newer, more fuel efficient vehicles will mean even brighter days […]

Thoughts on a Slow Work Day

Three things occur to me this morning, as I continue to watch the unsettling news unfold. First, of all the observations about the American businessman’s new Public Enemy #1, Standard & Poor’s, whose downgrade of the country’s bond rating has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, this was, perhaps, the most compelling: What did you expect […]