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The Lessons of Lobster

I’d like to talk to you about lobster briefly.  What’s lobster got to do with manufacturing, you say? Well, hear me out, because that odd little crustacean – and our unique relationship with it – may just hold an important lesson for us manufacturers. I bring this up because there is something truly special about […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/4/2012)

For those of you who happened to miss it, I urge you to read by my post this week on what The Economist is calling the Third Industrial Revolution, as well as their piece on the phenomenon driving the train:  digital manufacturing and its oh-so-sexy kissin’ cousin, 3D printing. Bloomburg says this week’s ISM report on […]

U.S. Manufacturers Need to Focus on How Things Get Made, Not Where

This week something historic happened in the world of advertising.  The biggest, baddest retailer on the block took off its gloves and went directly at a competitor.  Wal-Mart, which has made its name (if not based its entire economic model) almost exclusively on rock bottom pricing, did a comparative shopping thing against a fast-growing, highly […]