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Lost in Space?

I’m certain you don’t know this, but late last week a NASA probe called Dawn began what it many ways will be the final chapter of the Space Age as we know it. Dawn, a remarkable little craft about the size of an AMC Pacer (or a city bus with its solar panels fully deployed), helped […]

On America’s Birthday, Operating Leaner, Building Smarter and (Every Now and Then) Flying Below the Radar

You want at least one roadmap for manufacturing success in today’s marketplace?  Then look no further than a fascinating New York Times Magazine story I read recently by Adam Davidson, who also regularly covers economic issues in a refreshingly accessible and non-traditional manner for NPR and its terrific anthology program, This American Life. What Davidson did was take two small […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (4/8/2011)

Another amazing week in the world of manufacturing.  Here’s what I’m hearing and reading: The Center for American Progress recently issued a report on the influence of manufacturing on the U.S. economy.  The report’s authors contend that direct impact is only part of manufacturing’s story, and that the sector’s indirect impact is nearly as critical […]