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Robotics and Jobs: Living in Harmony

Before you read any further, take a moment or two and check out the recent 60 Minutes feature on what’s afoot in the rapidly expanding world of robotics. OK, now that you’ve done that, let me offer some thoughts on robotics; especially since my hometown, Chicago, just played host to that industry this past week […]

Tell the Kids: Want a Blue Collar Job? Get an Education.

The BBC this week ran a terrific story on the radically changing face (and sound) of industrial America.  It pointed out a hard and cold fact that we’ve been trumpeting in this space for nearly two years: no manufacturers really need unskilled or even marginally skilled factory workers anymore. Oh sure, there will always be […]

Germany’s Latest Export a Head Turner

I do a lot of business in Germany, and in fact have a small office there.  And while I am always impressed when I travel there and see how German engineers operate, and remain blown away (but hardly amazed) by the extent to which the country continues to carry the water for the EU, I […]