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A War Waged Abroad, a Victory Earned at Home

People who say they’re tired of the phrase “the greatest generation” clearly don’t fully comprehend it. And that became clear to me late this past year when a visit to the World War II Museum in New Orleans – a monument to that global conflict waged by that selfsame generation – opened my eyes like few experiences […]

Rosie’s Time Has Come…Again

A friend of mine who considers himself a “recovering” member of a certain religion contends the vast majority of his church’s current troubles might have been alleviated, if not eliminated altogether, had its leaders done one thing differently over the past millennium.  “All the church leaders needed to do,” my friend contends, “was to make […]

Made in the U.S.A – Not as Easy as It Sounds

This week the New York Times ran a great piece about how Google is going back to the future with its new home media player, the Nexus Q, making the affordable units not in China or some far-off Asian outpost, but right near the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.  Google has even gone so far […]