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SkyART: Mining for Genius in the Inner City

It’s not like Tim Cook is running Apple into the ground. For the time being anyway, the company is more than holding its own. But let’s never forget, Tim Cook remains a classic right brainer. Tim Cook is not a creator, or a visionary, or much of a dreamer. As he’s proven time and time again […]

China’s Powder Keg

Right off the bat I have to say that when it comes to appreciating the journalistic excellence of the New York Times I take a back seat to no one.  And I mean that; no one. And I particularly love their ability to spot and write about a fascinating or late-breaking trend.  That’s why this […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (10/7/2011)

There’s one New York-based market analyst I’ve heard of who uses the volume of cloth napkins used each month by restaurants in and around Manhattan as an economic barometer of the business climate, figuring that cloth napkins translate into expense account lunches and dinners.  Others analysts track the financial performance of premium overnight shippers like […]