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Government and the Private Sector; Partners in Innovation, Partners in Growth

It is one of my pet peeves; politicians and people of one ideological bent who cite facts when they suit them, but completely ignore them when many of those same facts contradict their ultimate goal – which frankly, more often than not, is to simply get elected.  And it especially burns me when those same […]

A Debt Ceiling Rant

Do I think that the federal government is big and bloated? Absolutely. Do I believe that it is too big? No doubt. And do I feel that it is often slow, unresponsive, and overly bureaucratic? Without question. But do I think that it is evil and out to get us, limit our rights as citizens, […]

There’s Something Happening Here: Lessons from the Tea Party Movement

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would remain politically agnostic and use as my ideological North Star only those things that moved me as a manufacturer.  So I write this, not to support the American Tea Party movement, much less praise its success in last week’s Republican primaries (in which Tea Partiers helped […]