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Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

We’ve all heard the news. Boeing announced last week it had just lost two major international satellite contracts, which could impact thousands of American manufacturing jobs, and force the company to start looking offshore to fulfill certain aspects of its production. General Electric, meanwhile, announced a few days ago it would send some 500 American […]

Government and the Private Sector; Partners in Innovation, Partners in Growth

It is one of my pet peeves; politicians and people of one ideological bent who cite facts when they suit them, but completely ignore them when many of those same facts contradict their ultimate goal – which frankly, more often than not, is to simply get elected.  And it especially burns me when those same […]

A Debt Ceiling Rant

Do I think that the federal government is big and bloated? Absolutely. Do I believe that it is too big? No doubt. And do I feel that it is often slow, unresponsive, and overly bureaucratic? Without question. But do I think that it is evil and out to get us, limit our rights as citizens, […]