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Preparing for the Third Industial Revolution

Let me get right to the point, OK? If you’re not one of those who believe, as I do, what was outlined so compellingly in a recent issue of The Economist – namely, that the industrialized world is on the verge of that the magazine calls “the third industrial revolution” – you might want to […]

More Proof America Taking Dead Aim on Exports

I have been making a lot of hay in my little corner of the blogosphere lately about the emergence of exports as an economic mantra for this country.  And now the Boston Consulting Group, a globally respected consulting firm in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, has given weight to the words of anyone, such as me, […]

Focus on Exports, Jobs Will Follow

I have been banging the drum for months now that the biggest mistake we have been making in this debate-filled presidential election year, a year chock full of fiery campaign rhetoric, is that we’ve allowed ourselves to become incredibly if not utterly obsessed with job creation.   Obsessed, in fact, to a fault. And while that is […]