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VW Makes a Mistake for the Ages

My company has a small office in Germany. I travel to the country regularly. And my respect for German manufacturing and engineering takes a back seat to no one. But I have to tell you, the people at Volkswagen behind the decision to install software that allowed the company’s diesel engines to beat emissions tests […]

Germany’s Latest Export a Head Turner

I do a lot of business in Germany, and in fact have a small office there.  And while I am always impressed when I travel there and see how German engineers operate, and remain blown away (but hardly amazed) by the extent to which the country continues to carry the water for the EU, I […]

From the Shop Floor — The Week in Manufacturing (5/18/2012)

Reuters columnist John Wasik says Bet on U.S. Manufacturing for a Rebound. From the story that won’t go away, Chinese solar power equipment manufacturers rejected an anti-dumping ruling by a U.S. court this week.  Forbes, meanwhile, said that there is one group of people caught in the crossfire of this U.S./China trade war: the installers. […]