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Hard Lessons for the Old Boy Network: Nothing Wrong with US MFG More Women Wouldn’t Fix

Understand, my best friend in the world is a woman – and she’s been at my side through nearly five decades. What’s more, together we have a daughter, a beautiful and talented young lady who every day blows me away with the wise, witty and deeply insightful things she continues to say, do and believe. […]

Rosie’s Time Has Come…Again

A friend of mine who considers himself a “recovering” member of a certain religion contends the vast majority of his church’s current troubles might have been alleviated, if not eliminated altogether, had its leaders done one thing differently over the past millennium.  “All the church leaders needed to do,” my friend contends, “was to make […]

Summer Camp 2.0

In the law they use the term, res ipsa loquitur.  The thing speaks for itself. I’ve got a lot on my plate this morning, so I’ll not write much about this news item.  I will simply let it speak for itself. The New York Times ran a small trend story a few weeks ago on […]